About the port of Moss

Facts and facilities:
Moss Harbour is an effective, environmentally certified and service-minded port. The port is located in the middle of the Oslofjord with a total quay length of 670 meters and the depth up to 11 meters.

The harbour of Moss has an imortant place in the supply chain. Together with our Associates we offer you efficient handling of all types of goods.

Our handling partners in Moss are:
GreenCarrierShipping & Logistics

Cranes available in the port of Moss:
Kocks container crane - lifting capacity of 40 tons
Gottwald mobile crane - lifting capacity of 100 tons

Kocks container crane    Gottwald mobile crane 

 Prices at the Port of Moss 2019

Contact us

Main office/ Port Administration:

Visiting/Post address: Strandgata 10 - 1531 Moss
Telephone: + 47 69 20 87 00
E-mail: firmapost@moss-havn.no 
IBAN: NO10802965341


Opening hour office 1. June - 31. August:
Monday - Friday from 08:00 a.m. - 15:00 p.m.

Opening hour office 1. September - 31. Mai:
Monday - Thursday from 08:00 a.m. - 16:00 p.m.
Friday from 08:00 a.m. - 15:30 p.m.